About AIM

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The Leavitt Institute for International Development (TLI) has partnered with the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) to create the Advocacy in Moldova (AIM) Initiative. The purpose of the AIM Initiative is to teach Moldovan law students critical thought analysis and advocacy skills through a two-semester, Socratic-style, and university course, similar to the BUILD Initiative course offered in Ukraine. AIM officially commenced teaching in September 2012. During these first two years of the AIM Initiative, the two-semester courses were offered in five Moldovan university law schools—-The State University of Moldova, The University of European Studies of Moldova, European University of Political and Economic Studies, Free International University of Moldova, Alecu Russo State University of Balti.
These universities are Moldova’s most significant universities and occupy an influential position in the development of Moldovan democratic institutions. Influencing students in these schools will have a disproportionate effect on the future of Moldova. The current leadership of the universities in which the course was taught is enthusiastic about having the AIM Initiative course in its universities. The course was taught in two geographical crucial areas of Moldova - Chisinau and Balti.
The course allows TLI to teach democratic principles, advocacy skills, and ethics to approximately 200 of Moldova’s most influential university law students during a semester year. Moreover, the sustainability efforts of the AIM Initiative will ensure that the year-long course will be taught to another 1000 students within the initial five years of the project. Those 1000 law students will make up a significant percentage of Moldovan governmental leaders in the next decade because the AIM Initiative focuses its teachings at Moldova’s most influential institutions of learning.
The two-semester university course, named Critical Thinking and Advocacy as a Foundation of a Free Society, is taught in English with simultaneous translation into Moldovan. The course is taught by seasoned legal professionals who travel for a two-week period.