How to Get Involved

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The Leavitt Institute for International Development is only able to complete its work through volunteer legal professionals, primarily from the United States and Canada, who travel to developing nations on behalf of TLI to share of their time and talents.  TLI currently has three initiatives where we need help from Visiting Professionals.  The best way to get involved with TLI’s programs as a visiting professional is to read up on these three initiatives: Ukraine’s BUILD Initiative, Moldova’s AIM Initiative, and Rwanda’s REAL Initiative.  After reading about the programs, decide which program best fits your interests and abilities.

In both the BUILD and AIM Initiatives, Visiting Professionals will travel to teach a two-week segment of a two semester course on adversarial proceedings and ethics to law students in a two or three different law schools.  While, those travelling to Rwanda, as part of the REAL Initiative, will teach an assigned topic to various legal professionals, including judges, prosecuting attorneys, and defense attorneys.

Many hands make light work.

This is an adage that we understand well. While spreading democracy is a lofty goal and can feel daunting, we know that with the help of like-minded people countries can be strengthened and democracy can flourish. The strength of our program comes from a consistent curriculum that can be taught in small segments. The differing legal perspective of many practitioners adds additional value. While a judge may teach the first segment on why we use an adversarial system, a prosecutor may teach the next segment on opening statements, and finally a estate lawyer may teach the importance civic virtue plays in the legal system. All legal professionals add to the students’ rich understanding of how a stable, transparent, ethical legal system operates. The fall semester runs from approximately mid-September through end of November and the spring semester runs from mid-February to mid April. Rwanda’s programs are taught year round.

In addition to traveling to teach, some professionals are asked to participate with online lectures. These lectures provide additional material for students to access no matter their location in the world. These lectures are translated into a variety of languages.

Another way to get involved is to ask your law school alma mater to post an advertisement of the service opportunities with TLI. We have purposely grown our legal programs slowly, to maintain a quality of service and legal education. As we branch out to new countries, we welcome more participation from lawyers all over North America.

Once you have determined you would like to volunteer, contact Chelom Leavitt at or +1 (801) 224-8000.

These TLI videos may be of particular interest to legal professionals interested in volunteering.