The Leavitt Institute ALUMNI reunion

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Within the start of a new academic year, TLI has invited on Sunday, September 27, all interns of the Summer TLI Internship at the Fall Alumni Reunion.

This event has brought together more than 18 alumni, all Law students and young professionals, while sharing impressions and aspirations with the deputy director of TLI- Mr. Robert Lochhead and his wife, Mrs. Klynn Lochhead.
The evening was spent in a leisurewear atmosphere, engaging everyone in fruitful conversations about their experience in the USA. From the general perspective of the students, all knowledge obtained during the three weeks internship, combined with the people met during this whole time serves as a significant source of inspiration and motivation to persevere further on in their career as law professionals.In his return, Mr. Lochhead has shared a strong belief in the power of change that all young people of Moldova have, especially those that are studying Law. Therefore, ”in 20 years Moldova needs to look different, and is the youth of today that is going to make that difference”, said the professional.