TLI Summer Internship 2016. Utah, USA

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Going to USA for three weeks in order to learn about the American Judicial System was actually more than a life experience. Mostly because we had the opportunity to talk with judges, lawyers and prosecutors as well as to visit some Justice Courts, District Courts, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court for the state of Utah, and other public institutions in Utah, such as the Salt Lake City Council and the Juvenile Court. Moreover, we have had free time to spend it all together, such as hiking in Capitol Reef National Park, boating, jet skiing, tubing, playing tennis and having barbeques with our host families.

The experience of our lives started at the Chișinău airport where we – the nine interns – met in order to accomplish our long-awaited dream. Everybody was enthusiastic and ready for new discoveries. During our long flight, we had enough time to get to know each other better. I will admit that we were a little bit nervous, as we went to the USA for the first time, but it was actually a very pleasant feeling. Nine passionate law students were ready to live their summer adventure.

On our first week we had the honor to attend a criminal jury trial about a father who was accused of raping his young daughters. It was a really tough case. After the trial was over, we had the chance to talk with the presiding judge and to ask a lot questions about the case and about the legal system in the US. We admit that the American law system is complex, but thanks to the discussions with lawyers, prosecutors and judges we were able to understand how does it work and function properly. When visiting the Federal Court, one of the students asked a question: “How do you succeed to keep the American law system functional?” The Judged asserted that the law system in America is not perfect, but the most important thing to keep untouched is human rights, freedom and the free access to justice.

On our second week, some of the interns changed their host families because there were a lot of kind and friendly people that wanted to host Moldovan students and to offer them the time of their lives. It was amazing to be part of an American family for three weeks. Every person we have met was always smiling, wanted to know more about Moldova, and was ready to assist us on whatever we needed.
As we all know corruption is a serious issue in the Republic of Moldova, therefore our main goal was to learn from the American Legal System ideas to implement in order to fight corruption. We were surprised of their reaction as they have never had corruption as a state problem in America. It was great to meet with a Judge originated from Romania, David Sam was very pleasant to talk with us and tell us his life story. We have also visited the Local TV Station, as media is considered to be an important power in a democratic state. We have witnessed how are the news presented and we have found out what tools do they use in order to be abreast with the latest happening in the country. Another interesting visit was at the Salt Lake City Council. It was an honor for us to ask questions to the Council Members after the meeting has finished. Everything was transparent and there was no doubt that professionalism and integrity are some of the skills of the representatives of Utah.

Also we were at a homeless shelter where we saw how young unlucky people spend their time. This place is equipped with modern technologies where one can navigate on internet, search for information, eat, sleep and spend useful time together. Some of the volunteers were lawyers giving legal consultation and representing the people from there in the court.

On our last weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Capitol Reef National Park. We discovered the beauty of rocks during our fantastic hike. The view there is actually breathtaking, the nature catches your eyes and throws your imagination somewhere far away. Moreover, it was fun and pleasant at the same time as we helped each other survive the toughest paths. The moments spent together were priceless. We would highly recommend to explore this destination if you are in Utah.

All in all, spending time in the USA was extremely valuable. During those three weeks we became very united and made friendships that will definitely last for a long time. Moreover, we are now motivated to make Moldova a better place, to be the best we can in order to fight corruption and always be honest and professional on everything we do.