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Call for Student Article Submissions

Eastern European Legal Development’s Young Legal Writing Competition

The Leavitt Institute for International Development is pleased to announce the creation of its new legal journal, Legal Development in Eastern Europe (LDEE), which will issue its first volume in July 2017. LDEE will follow the most pressing issues in legal development in Eastern Europe through articles from legal professionals, academics, and law students in four languages and from across the world.

In conjunction with the launch of LDEE, and as part of its mission to develop young legal professionals in Moldova, the Leavitt Institute is pleased to announce the Young Legal Writing Competition. The competition presents a unique opportunity to develop professional skills by conceiving, developing, and presenting academic legal writing. The winning article of the Young Legal Writing Competition will be published in the first edition of LDEE.

All current law students and recent graduates are eligible to participate in the competition.

Young Legal Writing Competition – Writing Workshop

Prior to the competition’s first round, we invite all interested persons to participate in a writing workshop in February 2017. We will discuss strategies for identifying appropriate topics for legal writing, research techniques, writing strategies, and international standards academic legal writing.

The workshop is open to all, including those who are unsure whether they want to submit a final article or who have not yet identified a research topic. To join the workshop or for more information, please contact with the subject line “Writing Workshop.”

Young Legal Writing Competition – Call for Submissions

The Young Legal Writing Competition is an opportunity to submit a short article (between 2.500 and 5.000 characters) responding to one of the following prompts:

·       Which particular portions of Moldovan law could be reformed to better achieve their goals?

·       What have been the results of previous legal reforms in Moldovan law, and how can past experience be applied to improve future reforms?

·       How can the effectiveness, efficiency, and independence of national legal institutions (such as the courts, the legal profession, or legal education) be strengthened?

·       What foreign legal institutions or policy could be useful templates for reform? Which foreign legal institutions or policy might be inappropriate for the Moldovan legal system?

·       What is the role of international law or tribunals in national legal development?

Submissions may be written in Romanian, English, Russian, or Ukrainian. Please use the attached Word document to adhere to formatting requirements. Prospectus submissions should be submitted by email to The deadline for prospectus submissions is midnight on March 10, 2017.

The winning article will be selected for publication in LDEE’s first volume. Other high-quality articles will be considered for other publication possibilities, including in future editions of LDEE. All submissions will be invited to present their research at LDEE’s Student Legal Studies Conference in June and will be recognized in the News section of an upcoming volume of LDEE.

Any questions or clarifications can be directed to Jesse Stricklan at We look forward to working with you!