Visiting Professionals

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Testimonials from Participating American Professionals


“As a federal judge, it has been my privilege to conduct court proceedings in The Kingdom of Thailand for American citizens imprisoned in that nation. In addition, as part of a United States Department of Justice training program I have presented rule of law and jurisprudence programs to Azerian judges in the former Soviet Union province of Azerbaijan, and similar programs for Pakistani judges and prosecutors in the The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Yet, none of those remarkable experiences were more personally rewarding or enjoyable than the opportunity to teach law students in Kiev and Simferopol, Ukraine as part of the Leavitt Institute training program.”

- Judge Larry Boyle US Federal Court, District of ID

“I volunteered to work in Ukraine with The Leavitt Institute without any real idea of what to expect, but the experience turned out to be one of the most interesting and rewarding of my career. There was a hunger among the students to learn about our adversarial system and the important role it plays in protecting basic human rights. This program is worth its weight in gold. For just a modest investment of time and resources, the program touches students in incalculable ways and shapes future leaders in democratic values.”
- Brent Gurney Partner, WilmerH



“My experience teaching in Ukraine was very rewarding. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know the wonderful students and appreciate their dedication and enthusiasm for the call to become lawyers. I believe we are planting wonderful seeds for the future of a sound legal system in Ukraine. It is an experience worth repeating.”

- Mark Stubbs Partner, Filmore Spencer


“I have been to Ukraine with the Leavitt Institute on two occasions. Once in Kiev and once in Simferopil. Two weeks is not enough time to grasp more than the flavor of the Ukrainian culture, but we felt welcomed, respected, and appreciated. Teaching is a great experience if you have something to teach that you feel is important and the Leavitt Institute has become increasingly sophisticated in providing outlines and materials that are appreciated by the students. The students have the option to come to class or not and so it is up to the teachers to make them want to come. I feel like the Leavitt Institute is providing a useful service and fighting the good fight for Ukrainians to have the courage to insist their country live up to its promises.”

- Kirby Riffel Partner, Riffel & Bowlin